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About Us

On Point: Branding for Social & Digital is a service for new business owners, network marketers and entrepreneurs who want a professional looking brand.

The importance of personal branding across your social media is important for any business - whether you're established or just starting out. 

As a graphic designer running my own studio for the last 10 years - I created On Point having helped my wife's network marketing business. Her challenge  (and most network marketers experience) was the stress of creating a consistent brand on a budget. Especially as there are so many options and apps and sites out there that offer good looking graphics but not a complete solution without going to a design agency which can be costly and overwhelming for a new business owner... 
So as someone who already owns a design studio and has over 18 years experience working with big brands – I am super passionate to offer an all in one service that offers the complete solution to branding yourself online and in the real world without breaking the bank! 
From social media branding on Facebook and Twitter to quality affordable business cards, pull up banners and various POS that any new business owner or existing network marketer needs to focus on building their business. So whilst everyone is not lucky enough to be married to a designer I can offer the next best thing and can get your business looking on point - so get in touch today! 
Fill out the form below, send me a message on FB, email me at or call me on 07577226891